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pocketcity File List

Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
linux-gtk/budget.c [code]This file corresponds to the budget form
linux-gtk/budget.h [code]The externally exposed budget routines
linux-gtk/config.h [code]Platform level config file - l(u)n(i)x
linux-gtk/main.c [code]The main GTK routines for the simulation
linux-gtk/main.h [code]Externally exposed symbols from the main form
linux-gtk/savegame_fe.c [code]Front end for performing savegames
linux-gtk/savegame_fe.h [code]Interface to the savegame front end
linux-gtk/simulation-ui.c [code]Simulation UI file. Contains code to debug the simulation routines
linux-gtk/simulation-ui.h [code]Simulation UI interface
linux-gtk/uibits.c [code]Implementation of the ui misc routines
linux-gtk/uibits.h [code]Interface to the general ui routines
linux-gtk/zonemon.c [code]
linux-gtk/zonemon.h [code]Interface to zone monitoring
nix-common/appconfig.h [code]The linux application configuration for state
nix-common/mem_compat.h [code]Memory compatibility functions
nix-common/nix_utils.c [code]Contains the global functions for the 'nix platform
nix-common/nix_utils.h [code]Utilities for unix - common
nix-common/pglobals.c [code]Contains the global functions for the 'nix platform
nix-common/savegame_be.c [code]Back-end code for savegames
nix-common/savegame_be.h [code]Interface routines to the savegame backend
nix-common/sections.h [code]This just nulls-out the *_SECTION in function definitions
nix-common/stack.c [code]This provides the stack functions for a unix/linux box
nix-common/stringsearch.c [code]Implementation of a memory searching algorithm
nix-common/stringsearch.h [code]Utilities for unix - common
nix-common/test_horst.c [code]Test code for the string search code
nix-common/test_list.c [code]Test the list code
nix-common/test_pack.c [code]Test code for the buffer packing code
nix-common/virtualfs.c [code]
nix-common/virtualfs.h [code]
nix-common/zonestrings.c [code]
nix-common/zonestrings.h [code]
palm/appconfig.h [code]* Palm application configuration
palm/beam.c [code]Beaming support for sending and receiving cities
palm/beam.h [code]Interface to beaming functions
palm/budget.c [code]The palm budget UI code
palm/budget.h [code]Interface to the budget ui of the palm application
palm/config.h [code]Platform level config file - palm
palm/HiRes.c [code]High resolution compatibility code
palm/map.c [code]Map rendering code
palm/map.h [code]Map rendering interface
palm/mem_compat.c [code]Memory allocation routines for the palm platform
palm/mem_compat.h [code]Memory compatibility functions
palm/minimap.c [code]
palm/minimap.h [code]
palm/options.c [code]Code for handling options
palm/options.h [code]Interface to the options forms
palm/palm_locking.c [code]Locking routines for zones
palm/palmutils.c [code]Contains the implementation of various palm functions
palm/palmutils.h [code]Interface to some utility functions for the palm paltform
palm/query.c [code]Implementation of the query form
palm/query.h [code]Interface to the query form
palm/repeathandler.c [code]Utility code for repeat handlers
palm/repeathandler.h [code]Functions that deal with repeat items being clicked
palm/resCompat.h [code]Compatibility interface file
palm/savegame.c [code]This file handles savegame front end
palm/savegame.h [code]Interface to the savegame code
palm/savegame_be.c [code]This file handles savegame back end
palm/savegame_be.h [code]This is the interface to the savegame back-end
palm/sections.h [code]Mapping for sections for functions
palm/simcity.c [code]The main simulation code routines
palm/simcity.h [code]The interface routines to the main program
palm/simcity_resconsts.h [code]Resource constants for the game
palm/sony_support.c [code]Support for the sony handheld
palm/sony_support.h [code]Routines to interface with the sony high-resolution routines
palm/stack.c [code]A stack implementation that uses a growing memptr
source/build.c [code]Code that deals with the building of items in the simulation
source/build.h [code]The routines for building
source/compilerpragmas.h [code]Compiler pragmas to support compiling on various compilers
source/disaster.c [code]Routines associated with disasters
source/disaster.h [code]Interface routines for disasters
source/drawing.c [code]Routines to deal with drawing
source/drawing.h [code]Interface to routines that are used for drawing
source/globals.c [code]Convenience routines
source/globals.h [code]Interface to the global routines
source/handler.c [code]Routines that are used for event dispatching
source/handler.h [code]Interface to the handler functions
source/locking.h [code]The user interface routines that need defining in any implementation
source/logging.h [code]The user interface routines that need defining in any implementation
source/pack.c [code]Packing and unpacking routines
source/pack.h [code]Interface to the routines to pack and unpack bitfield arrays
source/simulation.c [code]The simulation routines
source/simulation.h [code]Interface routines to the simulation
source/stack.h [code]Interface to the stack functions
source/ui.h [code]The user interface routines that need defining in any implementation
source/zakdef.h [code]The core set of definitions for the game

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