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pocketcity Data Structures

Here are the data structures with brief descriptions:
_appConfig_01Appliation configuration
_bldStructArray mapping build requests to reactions
_bmphandlesHandles and resourceID's of the bitmaps
_costMappingsMapping of zone to cost of building on a zone
_defence_unitA defence unit structure
_distribStructure for performing distribution
_game_struct05Structure kept around for historic purposes
_game_struct06aThe central game structure
_historyThe structure containing graphical history
_moveable_objectA moveable item on the map
_NixAppConfig_01The unix application configuration
_PalmAppConfig_01The palm application configuration
_silkKeysStructure for mapping the silk keys to 'button keys'
_stat_to_valueThe statistic to value structure
_vgame_structVolatile game structure
_visual_tagGame visual entities related to the game, but not the simulation
bc_cheltsThe elements for the button configuration choices
buildCountersMaps build units to locations in the build array
button_listThe list of buttons and fields they care about
buttonmapping_tagThe button mapping structure
city_listselectPrivate city list selection object
countCostsMapping of item counts and their associated costs
embedded_savegameAn embedded savegame inside a savegame
image_pmsImage pixmaps
main_windowThe main window's contents
minimapStructure containing information about the minimap
ng_form_tagNew game form entities
problemtableTable containing the problem_table input/output function
save_tagA savegame structure
scr_mapMap structure for the various maps to be displayed
StatusPositionsThe status positions
tag_dsObjThe data structure for the stack object
tag_dsobjStack object
tag_lockersItems to be locked/unlocked
tag_pmhPixmap handles for the map
tag_thingsContents of the hover window
type_zoneStructure dealing with the zone and the string to print
updateentityA collection of all the labels and their related items
ZoneScoreZone scores
zoneTypeValueThe zone types for querying

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