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The Object of the 'simulation' is to build a city

To build a city you need:

Inessential things

Full list of the Icons used in the game

The Tip sheet

This is just a random collection of hints!

R = residential zones
I = industrial zones
C = commercial zones


== PalmOS:
* Use the hardware keys to scroll the field (IE. up/down, address book and todo)
* Tapping on the speed indicator will pause the game, tapping again will set the speed to "medium"
* Tapping on the build icon will toggle bulldozer
* Tapping on the map will jump to that position
* Tapping on the "calculator" button will bring up a quick list
* The home/launch button will bring you back to the game from map/budget
* The "F/P/M" in the build list are the defence units:
  Fire fighters, police and military

== GTK+ (Linux):
* Use the left mouse button to build with
* Use the right mouse button for a quick bulldozer

City development:
* R will VERY rarely settle next to I
* I/C zones only grows if there are enough R (workers)
* C will only grow if there are enough I (to produce goods)
* There must be at most 3 squares to the nearest road for a zone
* The population is calculated from the total R - I/C doesn't count
* The water pump must be placed next to the river in the game to work
* Just about everything needs electricity... including water pumps

* Watch out for the monster and the dragon - they are NOT nice to you ;)
* The fire spreads quickly. Hint: it cannot spread across clear land, so
  use that bulldozer :)
* Even if you pause the game duing a disaster, it will still spread. 
* To stop the fire, place a fire fighter or a military unit next to it. The 
  police can also stop the fire, but only if they have two units next to it.
* The monsters can be killed by 2 military units (place them next to it), or
  4 fire fighters.
* The number of defence units depend on the number of fire stations, police
  stations and military bases you have. If you've no bases then you can't
  have units

* When you've changed something on the budget page, you need to reload it
  to see the changes (will auto-refresh in later versions)
* In some versions there's a 'Test' menuoption under the 'File' menu - this
  is for testing and debugging. It should not be used.